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MLTV Projects 2018

The objectives of the MLTV program are to:

Contribute to the development of community based social services 

•Promote and improve natural and acquired skills useful to the community 

•Promote and exchange cultures in order to create friendship and mutual understanding

•Encourage the youth as dynamic age group to take leading roles in development

UPA partners with organisations, institutions, UPA branches and projects that aim to develop local communities reduce poverty and promote volunteerism. 

The following is an outline of organisations, institutions and projects that host volunteers from UPA. The aim of the outline is to assist future volunteers to choose a particular project or placement that he/she wishes to work with and to direct UPA when identifying host places that matches the qualifications and wishes of the volunteer. 

UPA will strive to fulfil the first priorities of the volunteer but we cannot fully guarantee that a specific placement will be available when the volunteer arrives. It is common that a volunteer work with more than one host place simultaneously and that some choose to change the placement during the stay. It must be noted that it can be difficult to choose a particular project when one is more than 1000km away and that a placement might not turn out to be exactly as expected. This outline is updated annually. 

  • How to participate Open or Close

    If you wish to participate in the UPA MLTV Program, please contact the UPA secretariat on e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +256 (0) 785 601220 (Sam), +256 (0) 782 335 322 (Sarah), +256 (0) 774 438 870 (Claire).

    Participants are required to pay a fee of Euro 500 (five hundred Euros) on arrival for 1- 3months and Euro 50 (fifty Euro) in advance for each additional month the volunteer will extend. The fee covers pick up from the airport or bus station upon arrival in Uganda, an arrival training (orientation), guesthouse equipment and maintenance, accommodation, water, cooking gas, electricity for those in UPA Guest house, kitchen utensils, charcoal or paraffin stove for those in upcountry projects and a monthly contribution for those living in host families, communication prior to the volunteer’s placement, preparation trainings and evaluations with host projects and general UPA administration cost. Volunteers are advised to have a comprehensive study of our volunteer’s guidebook to acquaint themselves with the dynamics of volunteering with UPA and our projects before making decision.

  • Change of Projects Open or Close

    From experience, a few volunteers have changed mind or expressed interest to change projects on arrival even before going to the project, either due to change of interest or influence by the existing volunteers. This is therefore not encouraged and has a grave effect on the arrangements and agreements with our partner projects, distorts the whole program and consequently affects your starting days. We request that applicants as much as possible respect and maintain their applied for projects. This abrupt change should not be taken as a weakness on the part of UPA and will require the volunteer to have some degree of patience. This doesn't mean there is no possibility to change, we just would like to request to take time, get to know the project and give yourself time to settle in, before changing. 


  • Orientation and Evaluation Open or Close

    Upon your arrival we will give you a 3 days orientation at the UPA office. During the first days you are usually accommodated in the guesthouse. UPA will give you information about Uganda as a country, the cultural background, how to get around and UPA. It also includes a one day outing to Kampala to show you around, assist you in getting what you need for your stay (SIM Card, Internet, banks and cash machines, etc.) and a visit to the Museum. 

    Even during your placement in the project we will be coming for a regular evaluation, to check on you and the project partner. In addition we will have a regular volunteer meeting to talk about your placement, your wellbeing and anything which needs to be discussed. Anyway UPA stuff is always there for your concerns and you are always welcomed to approach anyone anytime. 

  • Cancellation of participation Open or Close

    Cancellation of participation before the project starts while in Uganda will attract a 50% refund. In case a volunteer cancels his/her participation during the project, no refund of any amount of the participation fee. This is because a lot of money goes to the communication, airport pick up, orientation, prior preparations before the project and other logistics. However if a volunteer cancels his/her participation before arriving in Uganda, he will be given back the entire fee if payments were made prior to their arrival in the country. 

  • Accommodation Open or Close

    UPA has a guesthouse for the volunteers. We can accommodate about 18 volunteers at a time. The volunteers have to share room with others. The guesthouse is well equipped. It has one kitchen, a bathroom and a toilet. It is not very luxury but fulfills the basic needs and standards. 

    Apart form the guesthouse you can choose to stay with a host family. The host families are either in the same area with the guesthouse and the UPA office or can be chosen close to your project. Staying with a host family gives you the chance to get in touch with the Ugandan culture on a different level than staying in the guesthouse among other foreign volunteers, even though the standard of living might be more basic than in the guesthouse. 

  • Workload, Work schedules and Work plans Open or Close

    We would recommend a volunteer to come with a very open mind and be highly motivated, creative and innovative as not all projects will have the capacity to have a very clear list of activities, duties or tasks. Some projects run on very informal approach, without work plans or are ran on a slightly less organized way compared to northern countries. The volunteer should take time and efforts also to discuss with the project on any new ideas. 

    Occasionally, workload and activities may get low at certain times or eventually the volunteer may become too busy. There is no guarantee that the volunteer will be fully occupied during all the time of stay. Activities may often be cancelled or postponed because of funding. Many projects do not have a sound financial base or proper budget. It is often a try and error approach. So a volunteer must always leave room to understand if anything does not workout as earlier planned and this is the best time that a volunteer’s creativity, innovation and sometimes patience is most called for.

  • About Uganda Open or Close

    Uganda is a beautiful country gifted by nature. Volunteers may take time off on weekends or after the project to visit National parks (lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Kobs, Buffalos etc), go white water rafting, visit the mountain gorillas and enjoy the Ugandan sun. For further information visit:

  • Projects Open or Close

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