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Angel’s center for children with special needs was formed after our experience in raising a child with Down syndrome. Three years of raising Abryl opened our eyes to the constraints of raising a child with special needs. The constant hospital visits and adjusting to the development challenges made us acutely aware of the deficiency of such services in Uganda. In 2012 ACCSN was registered with Wakiso district to operate as a community Based Organization to provide a space of services for children with special needs (Reg No: WCBO/1131/12).   A critical service is strengthening the capacity of families to cope with raising children with development challenges.

Vision: A Society which integrates children with special needs to fully realize their potentials.

Mission:  To be a voice and to break the silence of disability in communities, through increasing access to information and service delivery.

We need to give disability a “human face” despite the challenge these children remain beautiful, lovely and important to the social network of Society.

Angel’s center has currently an enrollment of 15 children from the ages of 2-12years with different disabilities that range from Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and communication disorders.

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The aim of the project is to ensure that children with disability can have an early intervention to reduce on the barriers of disability, and to strengthen the capacity of parents to cope with raising children with disability through joint income generating activities.

Volunteer Qualities

  • Provision of early learning for children with special needs
  • Provision of occupational therapy to the children
  • Community visits and rehabilitations
  • Counseling and guidance services to parents
  • Support parents with income generating activities
  • Developing the research department

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Volunteer Qualities

  • The volunteer is expected to teach the children in early learning needs
  • Support the child with activities of daily living like teaching the child to bath, brush, cook, wash etc
  • Promote their hidden talents like sports and singing
  • Support the children with feeding
  • Support the center in research on the current attitude and trends of disability and How cultural practices promote discrimination and abuse of disability

  Volunteer Qualities
  • ·         Patience

  • ·         Flexibility

  • ·         Emotionally strong

  • ·         Open minded

  •            Love to  work with children with development challenges

We also welcome skilled volunteers like Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Psychologist, Language therapist or Nurses.

Working hours

They work 8 hours a day from 8:30am- 5:00pm (Monday to Friday)


It located at 3kms from UPA guesthouse along Kampala – Hoima Road, It’s easily accessible by public means at 2000/= to and from the project.


UPA guesthouse 

Comments from UPA

If you like to work with children with special needs, this is exactly the right project, where you can support and play with the children. 


The stuff is able to speak English, communicating with the children can also be challenging since some of them are also challenged in their ability of talking. 

Past Volunteers 

Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Finland.

About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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Contact Info

Uganda Pioneers Association,

8 miles Hoima Road, Ocheing Zone

Nansana, Wakiso District - Uganda


  •   P.O.Box 25973 Kampala,Uganda
  • +256 785 601 220 / +256 782 335 322