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Project Background

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is defined as the process by which children from pre-conception – 8 years grow and thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, morally and socially.In other words, ECCD is the holistic development of a child during the first years of life in a socio – cultural context. Children can only reach their full potential when all aspects of their intellectual, emotional development are optimally supported. Our ECCD program has three areas namely: Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Welfare and Parenting Education.
In Uganda today, ECCD is offered by solely private proprietors. These are mainly in urban centers targeting rich families and rural settings where poverty levels are high, none has picked interest. UPLIFT UGANDA through Bujuuko Junior School has setup an ECCD Center in a rural setting for disadvantaged children from both low income and middle income families with a view of nurturing them into wholesome learners.
     Research shows that children learn more before the age of 6years than at any other stage in life. At Bujuuko Junior School, we believe that each child is unique and develops/ learns at his/ her own pace.
     Volunteering with us will therefore be a memorable experience because it is fun packed intriguing, full of learning and satisfying. You will surely make a difference.


 To nurture a wholesome child.

Project activities

The activities that learners at Bujuuko Junior School engage in enable them develop the following competences.

·         Social skills.
·         Motor skills.
·         Language skills.
·         Creative skills.
·         Reading skills.
·         Writing skills.
·         Reasoning and concept development.
·         Maths.
·         Social studies.
·         Art and technology.
·         Music Dance and Dramma.
·         Indoor and outdoor games.
·         Excursions/Study tours.
·         Mother to daughter activities.

Volunteers’ roles/tasks

 The volunteer will be expected to assist the fulltime staff by participating in the following.

·         Preparing resources and materials required in the learning      process.   
·         Assist in indoor and outdoor games.
·         Organizing parties and other special school days.
·         Preparing excursions and study tours.
·         Music, Dance and Dramma.
·         Art and technology.
·         Engage children with enjoyable literature-reading, story- telling and writing.
·         Contribute to documentation of children’s’ learning.
·         Organize children’s holiday camps.
·         Capacity building for teachers.
·         Arranging parents’ workshops.
·         IT-related activities e.g. Web- design, social net-working.

Volunteer qualities

       The volunteer must:

·         Exhibit passion/enthusiasm for children.
·         Be patient and flexible.
·         Be friendly and open minded.
·         Be creative and have a sense of humor.
·         Be caring, honest and reliable.
·         Effective communication skills appropriate for children.
·         Have respect for differences in personality, culture, etc…
·         Have a willingness to learn and share knowledge and experiences.

Accommodation and transport.

The project is far from UPA guest house it will cost around 10,000 Ugandan shillings to and from; Therefore the best option is for the volunteer could be to live in a host family in the community near the project or have another project to divide the working days.

Host community.

The project is located in a rural setting where some of the people can speak English. Majority of the members in the community and parents are more comfortable with the local language and are very well-coming despite the language barrier. They enjoy and are always interested in talking and working with people from other cultural backgrounds and very friendly. At Bujuuko Junior School, the official language is English and both learners and staff understand it well.

Comment from UPA

There are many areas to engage in and volunteers are very welcomed, even there is room for new initiative.


All volunteers choosing school project should always remember to consider the school holidays. Schools are closed in April – May, August to September and December to early February

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  • info@ugandapioneers.org

About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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