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Project background

Secondary education is very critical to a student life because it prepares him for the higher institutes of learning however this stage in human development (adolescence) is very critical as many decisions that shape young people’s destiny are done at this stage therefore there is need for education that can help to mould the personality of young people into responsible citizen.

Reuben College provides affordable and holistic education.

Volunteering with us will therefore be a memorable experience because it is fun-packed, intriguing, full of learning, and satisfying.  You will surely make a difference!


To bring up students of high integrity.

Project  activities

The activities that students at Reuben  College engage in enable them develop the following competences:

·         Social Skills

·         Creativity

·         Book binding

·         Pathfinder, shoe making

·         New language skills ie German

·         Arts and Crafts

·         Music, Dance and Drama

·         Excursion and hiking

We also engage in a series of indoor and outdoor games as well as excursions

Volunteer’s roles/tasks

The volunteer will be expected to assist the full-time staff by participating in the following:

·         Teaching students any other foreign language apart from English

·         Assist in arranging parties and other special school days

·         Preparing excursions and field tours

·         Music, Dance and Drama

·         Teaching students survival skills like Art

·         Arts and Crafts

·         Engaging children with enjoyable literature – reading, storytelling and writing.

·         Contribute to documentation of children’s learning.

·         Organize children’s holiday camps

·         Arranging for teachers and parents’ workshops

·         IT-related activities, e.g. web design, social networking, etc.

Volunteer qualities


The volunteer must:

·      Exhibit passion/enthusiasm for students

·      Be patient and flexible

·      Be friendly and open minded

·      Be creative and have a sense of humor

·      Be honest, caring and reliable

·      Exhibit effective communication skills appropriate for students

·      Have respect for differences in personality, culture, religion etc.

·      Have a willingness to learn and share knowledge and experiences

Accommodation & transport

The school is found in Mpigi town Council, Mpigi District. Which is a bit far from UPA guest house therefore the Volunteer will stay at a selected host family. The school is 100m from the host home.

Host Community

The project is located in a rural  area where a big percentage of residents cannot speak English.

Like most regions in Uganda people in this community are very friendly to visitors and are always interested to talk/work with people from other cultural backgrounds.

At Reuben College, the main language of communication is English. 

Comment From UPA

The placement requires volunteers that are highly motivated, creative and innovative. It is an interesting project and introduces you to a really local setting and teenage development experiences in Uganda.


All volunteers choosing school projects should always remember to consider the school holidays, schools are closed in April-May, August – September and December to Early February.

Past Volunteers


  •   Uganda Pioneers Association,
         8 miles Hoima Road, Ocheing Zone 
  •      Nansana, Wakiso District - Uganda
  •   P.O.Box 25973 Kampala,Uganda
  • +256 785 601 220 / +256 782 335 322

About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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