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Kawempe Youth Development Association is a Non- Governmental Organization whose vision is to provide an appropriate framework for enabling the youth to develop social, economic, and cultural skills in order to enhance their participation in the overall development process and improve their quality of life.

KYDA mainly targets vulnerable children and youth aged 10 -24 years with particular emphasis on school drop outs, street children, drug abusers, teenage mothers, HIV/AIDS orphans and slum youth in Kawempe division of Kampala District and the surrounding Wakiso District. Therefore, KYDA operates in two Districts of Kampala and Wakiso.

KYDA is located on 5 ½ miles from Kampala City along Kampala-Gulu road highway in the Central region of Uganda. This area is characterized by a huge number of peasants mainly wage earners, who were displaced by the Luwero Triangle war and migrated to Kawempe Division and the surrounding parts of Wakiso to escape war effects. Well as the street children come as a result of the war insurgency in Northern Uganda, high cost of education, peer influence, single motherhood, abject poverty in homes and child neglect hence they find streets more welcoming.

The organization is registered under the 1989 Non-Governmental Organizations statute by the NGO Board and it operates a head office in Jinja –Kawempe zone A on Wakiso District without posts in Kazo-Angola, Kawempe 1 and 11 parishes of Kawempe Division- Kampala District


To empower Children and youth with life and vocational skills, especially those out of school so that they can live better lives able to sustain themselves.


·         Training vocational skills; tailoring, hair dressing, mechanics and electricians.

·         Providing recreation activities to children and youth such as games and sports, drama etc. Through which                    preventive messages about HIV/ AIDS can be passed on to the youth.

·         Providing rehabilitation services to children who were sexually exploited by offering them behavioral change              sessions, legal support, etc.

·         Train life skills.

·         Provisional of vocational skills to vulnerable children.

·         Counseling.

·         Support orphans and other vulnerable children with basic needs such as education, clothes, food and                          medical  care.

·         Advocacy.

·         Preventive and curative health services.

·         Re integration of the children to their families after rehabilitation, that is, family reunion and resettlement.

·         HIV testing.

·         Kiganda Children for Change Project; KYDA’s street children project with the aim to get children back to                      school.

·         Working in the Demo garden.

·         Designing and producing handcrafts.

Volunteer Tasks

·         Social support to HIV/AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children.

·         Join in home visits to positive living children or other vulnerable children to assist in food preparation,                        cleaning (hygiene) basic medical care and counseling.

·         Office work related to organization development and programming.

·         Move within the slum communities of Kawempe division and the rural areas of Wakiso, to care givers of                      orphans.

·         Volunteers can also spend time working within the studios, ie participating in health talk, talk shows,                            dialogues, schools where our orphans receive education from and offices of the agencies which support the              work of the Project.

·         Participate in organizing recreational activities, retreats for children.

·         Music dance and drama

·         Participate in the Kiganda Children for Change Project; teaching the children basic English/Math, life skills                  teaching, home visits, fundraising, counseling, writing reports, additional programs such as music, dance &                drama, gardening and sports.

Volunteer Qualities

        Emotionally strong.

        The volunteer should be ready to interact with marginalized, vulnerable and neglected positive and negative              children inside and outside slums and villages.

        Ability to work with children and youth.

        Kiganda Children for Change Project prefers volunteers in the age of 21 and above, because of the intensity                and uniqueness with the street children.

Working Hours

KYDA office hours are from 9.00am to 16.00pm five days a week. However, the possibilities of having optional activities over the weekend may not be ruled out, if so, there is a possibility to change hours during the weekdays.


KYDA is located five and a half miles from Kampala-Bombo-Gulu highway, operates in Wakiso Kampala districts both in central Uganda region. Public transport is available all day long using mini busses or Boda Boda’s (motorcycles).

It will cost a volunteer 10,000 Uganda shillings to and from, if the volunteer lives in UPA guest house, with a 10-15 minutes walking distance off Bombo road in Kawempe trading centre (or when using a Boda Boda transport). One should also have the patience and tolerance to go through the heavy traffic jam in Bwaise town in the rush hours of the morning and evening (in case you’re using public transport).


A volunteer may live in UPA Guest house or UPA may provide accommodation for the volunteer in a host family within the local communities to further enable the volunteer integrate more with the typical family life in Uganda.

Comments from UPA

Working with marginalized, youth and children may call for a volunteer ready to experience irritating and challenging situations. However, a volunteer shall be required to carry a very open heart that can accommodate these situations.


Communication with KYDA members and staff is easy as most are educated. However, not all orphans and vulnerable children are able to speak good English.

Past Volunteers

Germans, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, Italians

About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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Uganda Pioneers Association,

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