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The organisation focuses on offering youths the opportunity to contribute tocommunity development by involving them in community projects, workcamps and international volunteer exchange.
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Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA)

Uganda Pioneers Association (UPA) is a youth voluntary non- governmental organisation (NGO) with its head office located in Ochieng B Zone of Nansana Municipality. Registered with the NGO board in 1989, UPA offers youth with opportunities to contribute to community projects through work camps and international volunteer exchanges. UPA is a member based organisation currently operating through eight (8) branches in different parts of the country including the Central Branch in Wakiso, the UPA Cultural Troupe (UPA, Kikooba in Kibiga, Gulu, Apac, Arua, Terego and Pakwach

What We Do?

The organisation provides activities on empowering, training and sensitising youth on HIV/AIDS, gender, democracy, peace building and cultural heritage. These topics are also addressed through:

  • Nationwide 3 - week work camps which take place throughout the year. The work camps integrate grassroots development projects providing volunteer labour and skills through construction, agriculture, sanitation and environmental projects.

Our Vision

A society where youth are empowered to enhance development

Our Mission

To promote community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work.

Our Core Values

    • Voluntarism
  • • Inter- cultural exchange and understanding
  • • Youth and community participation
  • • Transparency

UPA Nationwide Branches

  • Central Branch
  • Arua Branch
  • Packwach Branch
  • Gulu Branch
  • Kikoba Branch
  • UPACT Branch
  • Gulu Branch
  • Terego Branch

Mid and long term volunteer programme is an international volunteer exchange program managed by UPA through hosting international volunteers. This promotes intercultural learning, understanding and skills development among the youth. The volunteers are sourced from UPA’s international voluntary service partners including the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Services (CCIVS), Alliance Network, Welwarts Initiative (EUAV), Mondo Estonia and ADICE – France. In exchange, the organisation also sends Ugandan Volunteers to Weltwaerts in Germany. It is currently implementing a European Union and Volunteers initiative where it hosts volunteers from European countries. These programs contribute to the development of community based services, enhance useful skills for the community, cultural exchange and encourages youth to take leading roles in development

Meet Our Team

Samuel Ziwa Musanyusa
Samuel Ziwa Musanyusa
Executive Secretary

Volunteer with Uganda Pioneers’ Association-Central Branch since 2001, branch executive member 2006-2008, Peer Education Advisor 2009-2010 and Executive Secretary – Uganda Pioneers’ Association 2012 - to date.

Sarah Mabingo
Sarah Mabingo
Finance and HR Officer

Volunteering with UPA can be a very interesting adventure, try it and you will not regret

Nakiyingi Claire
Nakiyingi Claire

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Oceng Cissy
Oceng Cissy
Support & Caretaker

I love watching movies, reading novels and having fan.

Our Clients

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  •   Uganda Pioneers Association,
         8 miles Hoima Road, Ocheing Zone 
  •      Nansana, Wakiso District - Uganda
  •   P.O.Box 25973 Kampala,Uganda
  • +256 785 601 220 / +256 782 335 322
  • info@ugandapioneers.org

About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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