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Project background

 Treasured Totos KinderCare and Junior School was founded on 1st January 2018 with a vision to provide quality education for equipping persons with globally relevant knowledge, skills and values to transform their lives. Our school admits learners of age 3 years to 12 years of all social, economic and religious backgrounds. Our fees are affordable and we subsidize even further for children proven to be coming from poor families. We are working to ensure that by the time a learner completes his/her education cycle with us, he/she should exhibit these values; God fearing ; Excellence ; Integrity ;Customer Care; Creativity ; Timeliness; Unity ; Justice among many others. With these values, we believe that our learner will be able to function as responsible and productive global citizen/ leader.  We also carry out regular mentoring for our staff members to improve their capacity to fulfill the vision and improve their livelihood. Our parents also benefit from sessions we organize for them concerning child growth and development.


To provide holistic world class education for transformation of persons.

Project  activities

The activities that our learners engage in are derived from the Learning Framework for Early Childhood Development (3years to 5/6 years olds) and Ugandan Primary School Curriculum (6-12/13 year olds) both prepared by the Uganda National Curriculum Development Centre. We are aware that these are minimum standards set by our government authorities and we endeavor to enrich the content with other relevant learning activities.

Below is a summary of the learning activities at both levels:

Kindergarten (3 -5/6 year olds) ; Reading ; Numeracy ;Vocabulary ; General Knowledge ; Environmental awareness ; God’s creation ; Physical Education ; Rhymes ; Stories ; Music ; Dance , Drama ; Art; Writing.

Lower Primary (6 -8/9 year olds); English language; Literacy; Numeracy ; Religious Education ; Physical education ; Writing. Literacy covers subjects like Science , Social studies, Reading; Life skills ; Games and Sports.

Upper Primary (9 - 12/13 year olds): Mathematics; Science; English ; Social Studies; Religious Education ; Physical Education ; Creative Art ; Music Dance and Drama ; Life Skills ; Games and Sports.

Volunteer’s roles/tasks

The volunteer will work hand in hand with  the full-time staff by participating in any or all of the following activities:

·         Preparing teaching resources
·         Supervising and engaging in indoor and outdoor games
·         Music, Dance and Drama
·         Arts and Crafts
·         Engaging children in enjoyable literature through reading, storytelling or other.
·         Documentation of children’s learning
·         Arranging for teachers and parents’ workshops
·         Any other activity that the volunteer possesses and is relevant/ beneficial to our learning                        community.

Volunteer qualities

We desire to work with a volunteer who will observe our values in addition to exhibiting the following qualities:

·      Passion and enthusiasm for children
·      Patience and flexibility
·      Friendliness
·      Open mindedness
·      Sense of humor
·      Honesty, Care and Reliability
·      Respect for differences in personality and culture
·      Willingness to learn and share knowledge and experiences

Accommodation & transport

The Volunteer can stay at UPA Guest House, or at a selected host family. The school is approximately 2km from UPA Guesthouse.
The school shuttle will pick and drop the successful volunteer from UPA Guest house.

Host Community

The project is located in a Sub-urban area where a big percentage of people can speak English well.  There are some members of the community and parents who are more comfortable with speaking the local dialect- Luganda. Like most regions in Uganda, people in our community are very friendly to visitors and always interested to talk/work with people from other cultural backgrounds. Our official language of communication is English. 

Comment From UPA

The placement requires volunteers that are highly motivated, creative and innovative. It is an interesting project and introduces you to a  local setting and early child growing experiences in Uganda.

Pease Note: All volunteers choosing school projects should always remember to consider the school holidays, schools are closed in April-May, August – September and December to Early February.

Past Volunteers


About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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