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Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work
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Uganda Pioneers Association,
8 miles Hoima Road, Ocheing Zone
Nansana, Wakiso District - Uganda
P.O.Box 25973 Kampala,Uganda


UPA Central Branch teaches about Healthy Handwashing

UPA Central Branch teaches about Healthy Handwashing

UPA Central Branch teaches about Healthy Handwashing

In November 5 members of Central Branch went to Spring Valley Primary School (Kosovo) to demonstrate around 80 students of Spring Valley Primary School (Kosovo) how to properly wash their hands. 

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Handwashing with soap removes germs from hands. This helps to prevent infections because People frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it.
This initiative was one of the many activities UPA Central Branch carries out to empower youth to enhance development. In this case UPA wanted to increase awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

At the end of the training, UPA Central Branch donated a can, lifter and some soap to the primary school in order to sustain the practice of healthy handwashing.

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About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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Uganda Pioneers Association,

8 miles Hoima Road, Ocheing Zone

Nansana, Wakiso District - Uganda


  •   P.O.Box 25973 Kampala,Uganda
  • +256 785 601 220 / +256 782 335 322
  • info@ugandapioneers.org