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The organisation focuses on offering youths the opportunity to contribute tocommunity development by involving them in community projects, workcamps and international volunteer exchange.
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Uganda Pioneers Association

Uganda Pioneers Association (UPA) is a youth voluntary non- governmental organisation (NGO) with its head office located in Ochieng B Zone of Nansana Municipality. Registered with the NGO board in 1989, UPA offers youth with opportunities to contribute to community projects through work camps and international volunteer exchanges

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Partners capacity training in France 2019

Partners capacity training in France 2019

The PHASE Final Seminar took place between 19th -23rd March 2018 in Lille,France. During the same week, the SUDHAV Deployment for EU Aid Volunteers was officially launched. A vote of appreciation goes to ADICE,Mondo,ASPeM for all the preparations that led to the success of the two events.

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UPA receives EU Comission certificate

UPA receives EU Comission certificate

Uganda pioneers association is happy to share with you that we are now one of the certified european union volunteer hosting organisations in uganda since 2017

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UPA Annual general meeting & Strategic planning meeting

UPA Annual general meeting & Strategic planning meeting

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30 years
of Voluntary Services in Vulnerable communities

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Does UPA accept donations?

UPA accepts all donations..

How to become a UPA Member?

You can apply to join through any of our 8 Branches. Contact the Branches directly for more info

What is STV?

Do yo want to?


You want to volunteer with UPA ,contribute to changing the world into a better place and start your lifetime adventure, contact us. As an international volunteer you can participate in the Short term(STV), Mid- and Longterm (MLTV) Volunteer exchange programs.Information about the themes,venues, activities and dates of workcamp projects, the several MLTV placements and the assistance UPA gives international volunteers is available at the website on request.

Membership is open to anyone above 16 years of age suscribing to the aims and objectives of the association. Fill in a membership application form and pay your membership fees. Contact the Secretariat or branches for detail on either individual or organisation membership or contact our partner organisation in your home country for STV,MLTV placement projects in Uganda.

Fun Facts


Below are some of our milestones for the past 34 years.


  • 180 Projects
  • 103 Volunteers
  • 8 Branches
  • 20 Int'Partners
  • 50 Local Parners
  • 35 Years in service
You can work with us through the
Donors Volunteers Partners Branches
  •   Uganda Pioneers Association,
         8 miles Hoima Road, Ocheing Zone 
  •      Nansana, Wakiso District - Uganda
  •   P.O.Box 25973 Kampala,Uganda
  • +256 785 601 220 / +256 782 335 322
  • info@ugandapioneers.org

About UPA

Uganda Pioneers' Association (UPA) is a voluntary non-governmental organisation registered with the National NGO Board (ref. S5914/114). UPA aims atpromoting community based development,intercultural co-operation and youth participation through voluntary work. 

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